Additional SIP Settings on Extension

I am looking for any solutions to adding some additional custom sip settings to various extensions configured in freepbx. I noticed the exact question back in August 2013 but that doesn’t appear to have been answered (Sip extension Additional fields).

My reason for this is the same, I need to be able to add subscribe entries to an extension to make BLF work with Cisco handsets.

I have looked at using a template in sip.conf but I can’t see anyway of making an extension inherit a specific template.

There doesn’t appear to be any option to add extension specific config using the _custom.conf files either.

Any ideas gratefully received.


chan_sip or pjsip or both?

Yes and no. FreePBX is going to write all the settings for a Chan_SIP peer in its own config file (sip_additional.conf) which means you cannot make a global template that they all inherit. However, in the sip_post_custom.conf you can do [peer](+) to append additional settings and you can do [peer-tpl](!) for additional settings and then do [peer](+)(peer-tpl)

But the best you’re going to do is append settings that FreePBX doesn’t already set.

Chan_sip is what we are using.

Thank for this, it is a doable workaround but going to be a pain to maintain. The joys of having to use Cisco handsets :frowning:

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