Adding zap interface partially

I haave an asterisk box - all working fine. I have an FXO (X100P or whatever) sitting in it, but haven’t connected that. Why, because when I do, it “takes over the home landline”. meaning when someone rings in, asterisk picks it up straight away… I don’t want this (just yet) - I want the ability for the FXO to be used for dial out, but not to “answer the phone on an inbound call”.

Any ideas on how to set that up.


OK here is the deal
How would Asterisk know to NOT to answer the line?

The only way for asterisk to know about the inbound call is to answer the inbound call.

Now you could just get call forwarding on the PSTN line get a DID
and test things that way.

Now when your home phone rings and if you do not answer (or it is busy) you can have it forwarded to your DID.

Now with a REAL card with FXO / FXS ports you can have the FXS port ring a few times before Asterisk continues with the call processing

you would take the inbound line into the box and use the FXS port to
power the house phones (remember not to overload with ringers)
you would need to do this at the PSTN connection to the inside wiring.