Adding Yealink firmwares to Endpoint Beta

Is there a way to add Yealink Firmware to the Endpoint Beta?

Currently it has 1.00, 1.01 and the like, but our latest firmware is which we’d like to add to the list.


After having a read through the documentation, and comparing it to other folders on the server this appears to the be process

  1. In firmware management go to your make of phone and drag 0.00 to one of the slots (I chose Slot 2).
  2. Download your firmware file on the freepbx box using wget
  3. Move the firmware file to /tftpboot//2/
  4. Rename the firmware file to .rom (In my case T22.rom)
  5. Make sure the version file is present in /tftpboot//2/
  6. In the web interface go to your configuration settings for your phone (in my case Endpoint > Yealink > “Default Config”) and choose Slot 2 from the Firmware option and save.
  7. Issue a reboot command to the phones.

It would be useful if the Endpoint Beta module had a simple “Upload” button to easily upload new firmware files. With that, and a 50-on-a-page option when viewing the baseline settings, I’d be happy :slight_smile: