Adding users to AMI for Nagios Monitoring

I am running FreePBX - from the ISO - i have a nagios script which needs to use an AMI account to monitor the sip peers - I have added a “nagios” user to the “Asterisk Manager Users” as a read only - with access from the loopback and a /32 masked system IP - but cannot get the nagios script to work using that (nagios) user - IF - i use the sytem wide “admin” user, exposed in “Advanced Settings” under Asterisk Manager - the script works fine - BUT - i don’t want to use a RW user for this.

Is there something else that needs to be done with AMI to be able to utilise an AMI user for read only use by nagios?

What error are you getting in the logs?

I use a special nagios user like this all the time and don’t have any problem connecting.