Adding Unidata upw 7800 to endpoint manager

I was hoping i could get some guidance on adding another module for the unidata 7800 wifi phone we just purchased. We are currently moving everything from trixbox to freepbx.

In trixbox it has an option for a “general phone” and i can get the unidata to register. but when i switch to free pbx I’m unable to make or receive calls.

I know that it is connected to the network bc the ip is valid too.

After some digging around i found that you can upload modules. So i exported the aastra.tgz file and started looking at the code. In particular, do i need to rewrite the whole tgz file or can i get away with just rewriting the Branddata.json?

but other than that I need to know what to do with it and really how to go about adding this phone, which we will be buying more off.



The “other” phone option in trixbox, if I recall didn’t do anything. It might have inventoried the MAC, it certainly didn’t write a config.

As far as new templates, what does the config look like for the phone? Is it flat? Is it XML? 1 file or multiple files? Have you profiled and identified boundaries on all the variables?

Since these are not supported in the OSS EPM or Commercial EPM, for the time being it would be easiest to provision your phones manually using the sip settings configured within the extensions module.

Where would i locate the config file for the unidata phone? The only thing i could find were guides to set the auto provision up on the phone itself. I was hoping to avoid that. which was working with trixbox but not freepbx. After I created the extensions…

As far as the files for the aastra phones that we have there’s multiple xml files in the .tgz file

My boss had the idea that I could make a brand/provision after seeing this, using the aastra files as a template.

Which I found under the manual endpoint config manager upload/export.

I created the extensions, i know they work, I’ve used them on several phones types of phones. However, when i set the voip setting on the phones with the ones for free pbx it wont dial. I keep getting an error saying registry failed.

yet, in trix it works.

I actually got the Unidata 7800 working on free pbx,and on trixbox. For some reason it wasn’t clearing the aps settings properly when switching back and forth between the subnets.

I think after looking at the whole situation with the .tgz’s ill more than likely just configure them on the phones themselves. Thank you for the speedy input and help!


How i can to add a new branch! I have Escene and Dlink! How create json and config files?