Adding second drive to FreePBX HA cluster

I have a pair of FreePBX HA servers in which I’d like to add a second drive to for call recordings. The servers I have are each equipped with 2 hardware raid 1s. One which is 500 GB and the other which is 1 TB. Normally I would just mount the second array to a location and then edit fstab to point /var/spool/asterisk/monitor to the new location. However I’m not sure about how to go about doing with the HA module.

This is not possible with HA and using DRBD and everything we have to use with HA.

Secondly its a really bad idea putting the call recording folder on its own drives as Asterisk will crash if it can not write to that drive ever which is defeating the purpose of HA.

I think I already replied to a ticket you opened, but, I should post the reply here too!

Adding ‘extra’ storage to a cluster isn’t something we’re going to be advising people to do, ever. There’s far too many things that can go wrong leading to either a broken cluster, or even worse, a cluster that’s broken that doesn’t REALISE it’s broken.

In the situation you described above, I would advise copying the recordings to another device totally. If they’re something you’re going to be caring about, this is critical.

HA is not a replacement for backups. If you delete a file, or a file gets corrupted, it will immediately be replicated to the other machine.

If you’re looking to archive them, you may want to investigate Amazon’s Glacier service, which would be perfect for this.