Adding PJSIP extension crashes page

Hi everyone,

I’ve got a fully updated version of FreePBX 10.13.66-9 with Asterisk 13.

I found that the option to add pjsip extensions was missing so I went to “Settings” > “Advanced Settings” > “Channel Sip Driver” and set it to both.

I went to add the extension, but when I try to add a pjsip extension, the page crashes with: Invalid argument supplied for foreach()

If I add it as a Quick Extension, it goes in, but I get the same crash when I edit it. Adding a chansip extension works fine.


  1. Whoops\Exception\ErrorException
  2. Whoops\Run handleError
  3. FreePBX\modules\Core\Drivers\Sip getDeviceDisplay
  4. FreePBX\modules\Core\Drivers\PJSip getDeviceDisplay
  5. core_devices_configpageload
  6. component buildconfigpage

You need to go add a transport to Asterisk SIP Settings under PJSIP

Yup, that did it. :slight_smile: