Adding Phonebook entry without Speeddial number


in the past I was able to add Phonebook entries without an speeddial number.

Today I recognized, that’s no more possible. If I try to edit or add a entry without an speed dial number I get the following error message:
Please enter a valid Speeddail code or leave it empty when Set Speed Dial=YES

Is this an issue or what am I doing wrong?

Thank you for your help

It’s a new “feature” of the system added recently. As I recall, it kind of surprised a bunch of people. It looks like an underlying Asterisk change, but I might be projecting…

If you set “Set Speed Dial” = “Yes”, the system will assign one for you, IIRC.

It was a change in validation. There is a ticket. It may already be fixed in edge. The d v it was assigned to is typically quick about things. Not sure though where it landed on his list.

Ticket is here: