Adding new route/trunk for international calls?

First I want to thank the developers of FreePBX for great software!

I am absolutely new to freepbx. I followed instruction on to set up free USA incoming/outgoing calls with googlevoice, sipgate and Pap2. it works great!!

now I want to config freepbx so that all international outgoing calls to use another voip provider: nonoh. it does provide sip. could anyone walk me through the steps needed for this?

Thank you!

First create a trunk to the VoIP provider (SIP, IAX2, etc…) and name it.
Then create an outbound route that uses a special key sequence like dial 8 then 10 digits that connects to the new trunk. It would look like 8|xxxxxxxxxx or something like that.

Thank you.

I have a similar questions. What I need is to make international call over the same GV/Sipgate setup of Orgasmatron 5.1 with SPA 3102, which has been working great for domestic calls but when I make international calls it told me the number cannot be connected. I made call directly using the GV number and it worked fine. I tried using softphone and it does not work either so I guess it is the issue with FreePBX setup. Could you tell me what I need do? Really appreciate that.

check your dial pattern to see if you added international.

But check where? In Trunks or outbound routes and which one.
I guess not the sipgate Trunk because it is for inbound. Do I need to add international dial pattern in ENUM Trunk or any others? For outbound routes, should I add to GV route or anyone else. Thanks for your help.