Adding new DID lines

We have a block of DID lines coming in that are getting a “This Number is disconnected” message. Our provider is telling me that we need to add those to a table so they’ll come through our PBX so I can use them as an inbound route to an extension.

IS there a table with the DID lines listed?


If your connection is a PRI. To test put in an inbound route that says ANY to an extension so calls on any of your DIDs that you do not call out with its own inbound route (FAX Machines etc) should route to that one extension. If you dial a DID and still get the not in service message then the DID is not on the PRI.
I did not see a way to list the DIDs on the PRI from the Vega 200 PRI gateway device.
I had to get the DID list from our PRI provider. I manually tested every number. I then put that route at the bottom and changed the destination to our main IVR so any calls not routed already will still get to us. I am a noob but this is how I tested my setup.

That’s basically what I did. We have a list of #'s from our provider that we are using. I went to a second block and the route didn’t work. That’s when I called the # directly and got the “Number is dosconnected” message. Weird this is, when I call it from inside then I get the IVR like it called into our system but when I call it from my cell, I get the “Number is disconnected”

Basics time:

If you have a trunk set up to connect your provider to your PBX, anything that gets sent to your PBX will be processed through the Incoming Routes. You can (and should) set up an “Any/Any” (no DID, no CID) route so that anything the provider sends you will show up as a call.

In your /var/log/asterisk/full log file, you’ll find “artifacts” of these calls with a message about “You should probably set up a DID for this.”

You don’t need a “table” in the system anywhere - you just need to make sure that you have the generic inbound route and specific inbound routes for each of the numbers you pull in.

An extra-credit hint: there’s a special inbound context (which you specify on your trunk definition) that can strip off “e138” information (extra ‘1’ or “+” signs) to help normalize the numbers before they get to your inbound routes.

As always, inbound and outbound routes are essentially unrelated in FreePBX, so things you do to make your inbounds work are separate from the stuff you do for your outbounds.

Thanks. We have the Any/Any that goes to our IVR. I think the provider just screwed up and is trying to blame it on us. I’ll check the log file and see if I can find anything.
Thanks for the help,

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