Adding extension Programmatically

HI ,

Is it possibile to add , modify and replace sip extension programmatically , for example by java code ? Could someone please give me somo advice?

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Anything is possible, FreePBX is an Open Source system you are free to view and modify the code to suit your purpose.

Currently there is no published API to accomplish transactional provisioning.

FreePBX does not use Asterisk RealTime

excuse me but there is asterisk realtime that allow to do exactly what i want to do, but I can’t find how to configure it , I’m using freepbx and asterisk 1.8 , Could you please help me configure it…

good I undestand but is in asterisk , no one know ho to configure it (without using freepbx ui ) ?

This is the FreePBX forum not Asterisk. I am sure there is a wealth of documentation on Asterisk real time.

Would you not expect us to answer form a FreePBX perspective?