Adding Device in Device & User mode in FreePBX 2.9beta 2.1 error


When in Device and User mode in Freepbx2.9beta2.1, i am trying to add a device, after i fill the required information, and press submit, the page goes blank and nothing happens and the Device is not created.

Is there a log where i can see what’s going on?? Any clues??


Yes, it is a bug: #4946.

If you disable Endpoint Manager it will work.

What if i want to use it with Endpoint Manager?

Well, then it won’t work.
We are working on the issue and a fix will be available, however, I have no time frame when the fix will be released.

Well a workaround that i just tried is to disable Enpoint Manager, create all the needed devices than enable it again and use the created devices with Endpoint.

It works for now until the fix is released!!