Adding channels on a PRI

Looking for some advice on adding more channels to an existing Dahdi. We had 6 channels on a PRI and want to add 10 more. In the “General Settings”, I changed the “Maximum Channels” from 6 to 16 but still cant seem to get more than 6 Channels taking traffic in or out. The Telco is telling me that everything is complete on there end!!! Any suggestions?
I have inherited this system from a former employee and need a crash course on the basics.

How did you configure your card.

Hi There
I am having difficulty accessing the card. I watched a video that indicated I should be able to access it by clicking on the “Connectivity” icon and choosing DAHDI. I don’t get that as an option in the list that is presented to me.
Is it possible I need to update the version of web GUI that I an using??
If I am reading this properly, the PBX Firmware is and the PBX Service Pack is 1.810.210.57-1.

Any suggestion/direction would be appreciated.

Yeah your stuff is super old. You (someone) probably configured it through SSH…

My guess is the card is only configured for X channels so "max channels doesn’t really matter.

As @jfinstrom wrote, your FreePBX Distro is EOL, better: went EOL few years ago and your system’s update status was locked in the middle of the 1.810.210.57 track (read here for an overview of updates of that era for that track), as you reported.

I bet you can’t see FreePBX DAHDi Config module because the PRI Card your system is equipped with was probably setup without recurring to that module (without installing it at all) at installation time…and so, as @jfinstrom suggested, it was set up through CLI.

You would have two options: take a great breath and plan a new fresh install of FreePBX Distro latest stable track or configure (you or any other expert for you) what you currently have through system’s CLI.

In general it’s a matter of security and functionality and so to stay update is quite mandatory (software appliances are not “fire and forget” things…thery are like pets, you should take care of them during their lifespan).

Or possibly edit as necessary to reflect the changes made to the PRI


and if necessary


The classic way still works :slight_smile:

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Thanks for this.
What you are telling me is not surprising me!!
So we should be able to reconfigure the PRI card via SSH, for the number of channels we need…correct??

Where could we find supporting documents to assist in the reconfiguring process?

As far as doing a fresh install, I would have to gain a better understanding of what is required!! Again, any suggested reading materials that would aid in that understanding?

Thanks Again


How to adjust your configuration is highly dependent on how it was originally configured.


This is the kernel level config and will be the same regardless of the original method.

For chan_dahdi the configs may be in




Or any other file included by chan_dahdi.conf

#include foo_file.conf

“Partial PRI”'s might have all B channels configured or only some, that would show in your legacy /etc/dahdi/system.conf if all 30 b-channels channels are not accounted for, if you increase the number of B channels from 6 to 10 then look for bchan=1-6 and change to bchan=1-10 or whatever channels your provider has provided, keep them in the same group and it should all be “good to go”

Thanks for your input on this. I got in contact a company that was able to use “Teamviewer” to access my server and make the necessary changes.