Adding automated IVR for all public holidays (in addition to existing time conditions)


I am using FreePBX and would like to really know the approach to this issue.

The PBX already has two IVRs - one for working hours (9am-5pm, Mon-Fri) and the other for non-working hours (not falling in the above criterion). So, all inbound calls are directed to this time condition which selects the IVR based on the time.

Now, I have been asked to add a third IVR for all public holidays and I have been provided with a list of all public holidays for 2011. The PBX must automatically activate the public holiday IVR from 00:00h of the public holiday to 23:59.

I have looked at a way of adding the public holidays in FreePBX and finding a way of integrating all these three but I’m stumped. The only solution I have now is to manually use the day/night mode (route inbound calls to it, where the day would be the normal time condition above, night would be the holiday IVR and then manually toggle). This is not scalable though, is prone to human error and will just not work.

How can I, in addition to the existing time conditions above, program an automated IVR for the known public holidays in a given year?

All help is appreciated.


thats how i do it. I start all ivrs with a blank announcement,
as holidays approach I record/change the announcement. Right
after the announcement it continues into normal ivr.

Join the club. I have 4 locations and never look forward to the holidays.

I have been thinking about setting up an announcement for each IVR and associating announcements recording with a feature code in system recordings. This way my staff can update the message whenever they want.

I guess you could do time conditions for the entire year, but it is still something you have to update each year. Seem like it will be easier to have staff update the messages.