Adding an Extension

Sort of a noob here, but have worked with a previously installed and operating version of FreePBX before.

I’ve installed the lasted Distro downloaded from this site. Install, gained admin access, etc. just fine. In the past I worked with a previous version of FreePBX and there was a section to add the type of phone and its MAC address when creating an extension.

How does one do that with this new release. I can create an extension, but I’ve yet to find the location in which I can add a phone by type, MAC, etc. and have that phone join the network.

In addition, could someone tell me where to configure using a Google Voice number for connection to the outside world.

I appreciate the assistance.

Can you see End Point Manager under the Connectivity menu? This is where you can add new phones, etc. You will first need to enable to support within EPM for the manufacturer and phone models that you have. Once you’ve done this you can either get EPM to scan for all of the phones it can find on the network or you can enter the MAC address of each users phone when you setup their extension (it’s near the bottom of the extension setup).

Thanks, Lee. No, EPM is not listed under Connectivity. I have Inbound Routes, Outbound Routes, SIPSTATION, Trunks, and Zap Channel DIDs. It appears that I have freepbx version installed.


Did you try adding that module under the admin modules link?

Thanks, Lee. At least that told me where to look. Thanks, Dicko, uploaded and Lee’s assistance got me to where I could add the extension/phone.

Now, how to use Google Voice as my connection to the outside.

Luckily for you there are many posts in the forums here, for both your original post and your follow-on, you should try and read some of them. . . :wink: