Adding Additional Line Key in EPM

I currently only have 1 line key on my phones. I would like to add 2.

But when I go to EPM and add an additional line key, it is merely reflected as a blank space on the phone. When I log into the phone, that space is not registered as a phone “line” - just a blank space. This is the case for all my Yealink phones (t54w and t46s and t46u).

When I log into the phones GUI and attempt to manually set a 2nd line key there, it will not let me set more than one, and displays this error message:

"Type cannot be ‘Line’ when AutoLinekeys is on!”

Is there some setting in FPBX I’m overlooking to make this work?

are you talking about “lines” as in the old definition of a telephone numbers from the provider or extensions from the PBX? I don’t use yealink phones so not an authority there but in a PBX you assign extensions to phones, not necessarily “lines” like in the pots days.

To assign a second extension to an ipphone you have to assign it to account 2 in EPM, a third would be account3 etc… It would be a second extension mapping for the same physical phone in EPM.

In the template you’d have to go under the model and edit it to assign account 1 to button 1, account 2 to button 2 etc for it to appear on the phone correctly.

Thanks to Mike, the resident savant-genius at @TheWebMachine , this is solved. Turns out the phones needed:

features.auto_linekeys.enable = 0

After that, everything worked!

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