Adding a customer config parameter to an extension (and have it persist without screwing things up)


I’m trying to implement SRTP with Grandstream phones. They send a crypto lifetime parameter and my current running version of Asterisk (Asterisk 11.12.0) does not like this. I need to update my asterisk version or patch it and then it will hopefully accept the ignorecryptolifetime=yes parameter on the extensions which have these Grandstream phones.

Is there any way I can add this parameter to the extensions in FreePBX, assuming I do get a version of asterisk running that supports it?

Thanks, -Kevin

This is done by editing the file /etc/asterisk/sip_custom_post.conf. The note on how to use this file is actually in sip.conf:

;sip_custom_post.conf If you have extra parameters that are needed for a 
;extension to work to for example, those go here.  So you have extension 
;1000 defined in your system you start by creating a line [1000](+) in this 
;file.  Then on the next line add the extra parameter that is needed.  
;When the sip.conf is loaded it will append your additions to the end of 
;that extension.