Adding a Custom Links section in Extensions module


As many web apps are created everyday, I think it could be very useful to help FreePBX sysadmins with a new Custom Links module.

When downloaded, this module would add :

  1. a new Custom Links section between Edit Extension and Extension Options within Extension edit page,
  2. a new Custom Links Management section inside Advanced Settings page.

In the Custom Links section inside Extension edit page, would be displayed a couple of clickable URLs, each with its own (localized ?) label.
Clicking on this URL would, as you may guess, render this URL content.

Within the Custom Links Management section inside Advanced Settings page, sysadmin could define URL templates such as http://myserver/foo/{ext}/${username} where {ext} or {username} would be replaced at runtime by relevant and corresponding values.

What do you think of this ?


well it’s possible for modules to insert links to many of the display pages, but I do not at all understand what the purpose of these are from what you describe?

Well, my goal with this Custom Links feature is to offer a “not too intrusive” or a “soft way” to extend FreePBX features with external web applications.

Thanks to current FreePBX standardized addresses (such as I can now easily go from an external web page to FreePBX pages but I can’t go back from these FreePBX pages to another external page.

In other words, the goal is to add connectivity (see RESTful apps principles) in key FreePBX pages
(my first thought was targeted at Extensions admin page but this Custom Links feature could be also useful in other pages).