Added SIP extension, but Sipdroid won't connect and no log information can be found

Hi all,

I added the first extension with the FreePBX GUI, but when I try to connect to the extension with my Android phone with Sipdroid it fails.

I only want to try to connect to it from my local network. I added a extension in FreePBX with a secret password. I also entered the SIP settings with my local network range and public IP address.

Stranges thing is that I even don’t see anything in the logfiles of asterisk. Not a deny, error or any connection that is trying to connect. I am local in my network with mt phone also through wifi. Firewall could not be the issue. Also SELinux is disabled now :-).

Also to be sure I stopped iptables on the Asterisk machine, but no success either. If I run “lsof -i:5060” it says:
asterisk 4863 asterisk 10u IPv4 16002 UDP *:sip

I am running Asterisk and FreePBX

What I would like to het up and running is that I can phone a other phone in the local network (at this moment).

My 2 Android phones are connected with my router through wifi. The Asterisk server is connected to the router by LAN. The router I use is a Linksys WRT610N.

But as I said when my Android phone with Sipdroid is trying to connect on the internal IP, I don’t see anything in the asterisk log. I have been googling and searching this site for a few hours now, but I am a bit stuck.

Can anybody help me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance.


Sorry and forget this post… A simple and stupid fault I made and overlooked. In Sipdroid on my Android phone I didn’t select UDP but TCP. Yeah no wonder I wasn’t able to see anything in the log. Phone is now connected.