Added new extension but SIP registration fails

Hi there. We have an old version of freepbx (v that someone set up for us. That person is no longer available, and we need an additional (new) extension. The new extension was added using an existing extension (that is working) as a template. The new extension appears to be added successfully, but SIP registration of the phone fails. We really don’t know what we are doing, so I apologize if this question is silly or makes no sense, but is there any other step that needs to be taken with regard to the pbx server? When you dial the new extension, you get the message “the number cannot be completed as dialed”. We are trying to determine if is issue is with the setup on the pbx server, or the configuration we are using for the phone itself (Grandstream base station/handset combo). Any guidance at all would be greatly appreciated!

  1. Make sure you entered the below details correctly on the phone.
    * PBX ip address and SIP listening port.
    * user name (extension number) and password.

2.Login to asterisk cli and check the phone’s registration request hitting or not,

  1. If the registration request is reaching then what is the response from the server to the phone ?.

  2. If the registration request not reaching to server then its something problem with your network.

Thanks so much for taking the time to respond @pramarajan. We are trying to find out who might have access to the asterisk cli.


With that old a setup, your problems are only just beginning. It might be time to start up a new server. At the very least, you are well on your way to a major upgrade (you haven’t had one on about 10-ish years).

Do you have access to the FreePBX GUI?

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