Added another network card and Freepbx 13 reactivated

I enabled a new interface for our sip trunk and now i have a hosed activation. i did the activation and
it gave me a new ID and my other ID has all the purchased modules on it. what do i do now?
I read about others having this issue but couldn’t find a resolution.


My guess is that your new nic has become your primary nic. If so this is your issue.

Make your original nic your primary nic or at least make the MAC address of your new nic the same as your old original nic then change the MAC address of the old original nic. I hope I didn’t confuse you more.

The bottom line is the system wants to see the MAC address of the original nic as the Mac of the default nic.

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thanks i will try when i get to work tomorrow, I’ll bet i will have the same issue with my other server i am setting up for our west coast office. I installed an extra card into each server so i could have a local lan and a external sip trunk lan. The server i am currently having the issue still has the on board card set u for the local lan and i had a intel dual network card so i installed it a couple weeks ago and only got around to setting it up to test today. since i have the second port idle does it make sense to go ahead and set it up so i don’t have this happen again. Zend must not detect it till you assign an IP and enable the interface because i have rebooted several times since installing the cards and each servers local lan is on the onboard nic.

think i have it back, the instructions helped some but the portal has changed since the instructions were created. my biggest issue, i reactivated with a new deployment, didn’t see the existing deployment tab because Firefox popped up a password save window and covered it…OOPS

I can say that zend didn’t care that I had multiple NIC’s installed till I assigned an ip to them and brought them up. my west coast system had no issue till i set the NIC up this morning then the system said it was deactivated. so i have learned a lesson, install all NIC’s and assign them an address even if you don’t need them at that moment, then activate the system.
Hope this helps someone else down the road