Add support for multiable context

Hello All, Is there a way add control to one user (admin of a dept) to manage his or her dept? I would like to add a dept with there own context and allow them to add extensions, build IVR, manage dials, inbound and outbound routing. Like a Virtual Server for each dept.

Thanks, David

I think if you switch over to database authentication, you will find that the new “Administation” module provides exactly this functionality. You’ll just need to edit your /etc/amportal.conf to turn on this feature.

I changed AUTHTYPE to database. But if I give userA control to outbound routes and userB they can change each others routes. I would think that the Department Name would be the new context for that group and only allow changes to that Department…

Hi i set authtype=database but i could not log back in to add new administrators.

can anyone help

Freepbx only supports one context (from-internal) for what you are trying to do. Although you can put different extensions in other contexts, you can’t configure the routes and other stuff for those extensions from the gui.


Thats to bad. That would open new doors if we had control over mulitable contexts…


it’s on the roadmap. Not full multi-tenant, but more support for different contexts of users (departments, classes of users, etc.)