Add remote ring group to local ring group

I’ve got an Asterisk server in the local office and a FreePBX server hosted remotely. I’m working on a new local server using FreePBX. On the remote server, I have ring group 600, which is included as a static member on the local server in queues.conf like this
member =>SIP/600@remoteserver,yes

I setup ring groups instead of queues on the new FreePBX server. Is it possible to add the remote ring group to the local ring group? I’ve tried adding SIP/600@remoteserver to the extension list, but after pressing submit, that is just converted to 600.

If you can dial the remote ring group from a local extension by dialing 600 then you add to the local ring group with 600#.

Sounds easy enough to setup. I’ll give it a try next time I have the opportunity to take down the old server. Thank you

Setting this up doesn’t require taking either system down.

I have run the local FreePBX machine at the same time as the local Asterisk machine, but they’re currently set to use the same static IP address, so I can’t do that at this time without reconfiguring network interfaces. It’s not the top thing on my list of things to do currently. :slight_smile:

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