Add PIN code before dial out

Hi Everyone!

I like to add the PIN code before I dial out. We use PIN sets, and the users like to add the PIN code before the number when they call outside. For example:
The dialed number: 34568333
The PIN: 1234
PIN Set: restrictout
The oubound route: 0|.
So the costumer now hit 0 after 34568333 and please give the password…
We like to *54 (or something) now the PIN 1234 and after 0 and 34568333
Is there a feature code for this?

Also problem how to solve the following…
We have PIN sets (every user have his own).
We have phonebook about 1000 telephone numbers (001-999)
I changed in the feature code the "Speeddial prefix " to: 8
So when a user want to use the phonebook hi dials 8001 or 8999
We like to the users call these numbers for free without PIN code. How?
No in the Phonebook: 001 - > 0+and the phone number (It’s a solution to change the 0 to 8 and create an outbound route to 8|. without PIN but the users can use 8 another numbers to dial)

Any suggestion?