Add option to Dahdi module in AsteriskNOW 1.7

I’ve got a Sangoma A108 that needs an additional option (“priexclusive=yes”) for [span 2] in the chan_dahdi_groups.conf that the dahdi module writes to. Any ideas on what I can do? Is the source code for the dahdi module available? And would I be able to modify it, upload and overwrite what is there to my asterisk pbx?


go ahead and open a ticket in our tracker for that. I added the module to the contributed_modules directory in svn.

It is a modified version that requires FreePBX 2.8 or higher and only works with the new DAHDi tables in FreePBX (vs. the “compatibility mode” that was using ZAP and converting them. The module also has some enhancements to tie in with extensions and trunks as well.

If you want to make the suggested changes you can add a patch file as well so we can have a look. The goal is to try and get the module into 2.9 and we might put the current one into the online Extended Repository in 2.8 but need some more evaluation before doing that.

Thanks, submitted Ticket #4409

I just now updated the files on a test asterisk box, looks like it works. Essentially I just updated the fils /var/www/html/admin/modules/dahdiconfi/, page.dahdi.php and views/dahdi_digital_span_form.php. Everywhere I found anything with “prilocaldialplan”, I copied and pasted what it was doing, but with “priexclusive” instead. Along with adding a field “priexclusive” as varchar(3) to the table dahdi_spans in database asterisk via webmin.

I haven’t upgraded to FreePBX 2.8.

Only thing that wasn’t really a copy and edit/paste was in Around line 76 I have this:
$output[] = “prilocaldialplan={$span[‘prilocaldialplan’]}”;
if ($span[‘priexclusive’]==‘yes’) {
$output[] = “priexclusive={$span[‘priexclusive’]}”;
$output[] = “group={$span[‘group’]}”;

And around line 102 in /var/www/html/admin/modules/dahdiconfi/views/dahdi_digital_span_form.php I have this.

Priexclusive: no yes

If Digium ever updates their version of it and I update with theirs, I’ll have to redo it.

I edited previous comment and added php tags.

I’m not sure how to add a patch. I also need to look at the version you have out there now.