Add Incoming Route


My I have made an incoming route and nothing happends. It’s as if it didn’t exist.
I made a any DID/0231456325 route, and when the number 02345325 makes a call, this call is not set to the appropriate destination.

Another question.
What is the auto-generated freepbx file for that and where is it ?

Thanks in advance.


Answer to your second question: Several files in /etc/asterisk but the bulk of the generated dial plan is in extensions_additional.conf

if you posted the relevant excerpt from /var/log/asterisk/full when you make such a call, so we can check it out…

“nothing happends” or “this call is not set to the appropriate destination” … it’s not the same thing !!

zach, what kind of a install is this? trixbox, PiaF, elastix, hand built? reason I’m asking it you seem to be new to this and knowing what you are using will help us help you and at the same time we can point you to some good documentation for your given setup.

There are many beginners manuals written for just about any platform that cover this well.

You need to be absolutely sure of the CID format that is being sent by your provider. Perhaps you are not receiving what you expect.


I am currently using elastix 1.1-8

Temporarily create an Any/Any inbound route. Then call in and watch the command line as the call scrolls by. You should be able to get the DID the Telco is sending you from that. Then you can create an inbound route that matches that DID.