Add FXO line that is outbound only?

Hi there,

I am very new to FreePBX so any help you can give is greatly appreciated! Right now I have 3 phone numbers (POTS) going into my sangoma A200 FXO Card. In FreePBX I have two of them on group 1 and the third on group 2. What i’m trying to acheive is to have the third line not be usable for outgoing calls, and only be usable as a voicemail line. I’m guessing this has something to do with the ‘trunks’ section, though I’m not sure. Any help is greatly appreciated!

(i’m hiding part of the phone numbers for security purposes, but giving enough away to give distinction)

Kewl Start Group 1 801466…5
Kewl Start Group 1 801746…
Kewl Start Group 2 801466…9 <— this will be the dedicated voicemail

Currently in my ‘trunks’ I have:

ZAP Trunk (DAHDI compatibility Mode)
ZAP Channel g0 (group zero)

Sorry for being a newb, but where else beside the ‘DAHDi’ section on FreePBX would these groups be configured?

in chan_dahdi.conf or one of the included files, or indirectly in that file using the Digium DAHDi configuration module.

nope - if g0 is working then it has been setup somewhere, there are no defaults.

when you make your outbound trunks, just use g1 for your first two and don’t make a g2 trunk, then no calls will ever be sent to g2 which is where you have configured your restricted line.

Ah I think I see what you mean. Is g0 like a default route to use all available trunks? I’m curious how i’m even able to call out when i dont even have a trunk called g1 or g2, yet all my lines are setup in Dahdi as group 1 and 2.