Add extensions to CDR

Is there any way to add to CDR the extension number that answered calls inside a ring group instead of the group number itself ?

On the row that says ANSWERED for the inbound call in question, you can hover your mouse over the ring group number and see the channel that answered the call. Does that help?

Interesting, but not enough as I would need it in a column and eventually, to be exported as csv.

Another question : can reports be sorted with multiple filtering (i.e. sorting calls from 1 to 2 February, with that caller id name and that destination) ?


Silly second question, just realized one can fill multiple fields…

Click the “CSV File” checkbox at the top right of the CDR report screen. The CSV that gets downloaded includes the channel info you are asking about.

Very good !
Thank you.

When a call hits a ring group, there is a CDR created for each of the destinations being called. The one that answers will had a disposition of ANSWERED while the others will not. So if an incoming call hits a ring group with 5 members, there are now a total of 6 CDRs that have been created. One for the inbound call hitting the group and one for each of the 5 members being called.

How will you get this information into the CDRs to being with? If destination 101 answers the call the Dial() is going to send a 487 to the other members. You don’t have the ability to update/set CDR data during this, even with a predial/answer gosub on the Dial() command it becomes a race condition and no guarantee that the variable will be written to the other channels before they are hungup on.

In short, no you cannot tell all the CDRs which one answered. Could this possibly be done? Maybe but it would require hacking FreePBX dialplan like mad once you did figure it out.

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