ADD Extension with freepbx and configure 2 softphones

Hi There,

Iam Jamal and new with freepbx, i install the new asterisknow and try to add two extention using default settings. I added two extensions 1000 and 2000. my asterisk is on dhcp with ip adress; iam just using a local network. So just after that i connected two computers with two different softphones one with ekiga, and x-lyte. Iam missing something on the freepbx. I remenber with asteriskgui we use to add a dialplan; so how can i just make these two softphone communicate thank you in advance.

JAmal :wink:

Search for the “without tears” e-books online. They will help you learn FreePBX, what needs to be setup, etc. there are versions for trixbox, elastix, and PBX-in-a-Flash. While none of them are the distro you are using they will all cover the things you need and all have FreePBX incommon so make a great place to start.