Add Extension: VoiceMailMain

Without doing custom items, is there a way in FreePBX to add a VoiceMailMain extension or is there one defined by default? If not, I think it would be a good idea to setup extensions to goto certain common applications via a dropdown when adding an extension. Any input on the ability to add VoiceMailMain via the Portal?


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I think … what you are looking for is *98 … and I do believe that is a extension that is avaliable by defualt. With 2.1beta1 you might need to add the Feature Code module, but I don’t have that in front of me to check.

jpm: thanks for the input. I’ll check into the configs and even try it with a test VOIP phone calling *98. As far as Beta, this is for a client, so I cannot use that, but either way I will still look into the Feature Codes Module. I will post any findings.

Well if you are using FreePBX 2.0.1 then *98 will connect you to the VoiceMailMain() application. You’ll be prompted for the mail box you want to check followed by the password/pin to that box. Additionally, the Feature Codes Modules is only avaliable for FreePBX version 2.1Beta1 and up.

*97, of course, connects you to the VoiceMall() apps and passes the calling extension so all you have to do in enter the password for the exten you are call from, fyi.


jpm: Perfect, exactly what I needed. Are those extensions (*97 and *98) default with Asterisk or with FreePBX alone? I am a long time asterisk user and I don’t remember them in asterisk, but maybe I just never knew.

Thanks again for your help.


for client or not - you’ll probably find 2.1 more stable with more fixes then the earlier version, just be selective in which modules you choose to install.



Asterisk proper has no defualt extensions - as you know you have to build out the dialplan by hand. AMP and FreePBX just happen to have *98 and *97 in the default dialplan.

Also, like p_lindheimer states, 2.1beta1 is proving to be more complete and stable than 2.0.1 … just food for thought, I do understand reluctance to build a commerical product from software labeled as beta though so do what you feel is right.


Yeah, I’m sure it is much more stable than 2.01. But, if a client even sees the word beta and alpha, I have to spend hours trying to prove its reliability. It just isn’t worth it. Maybe we should start switching development levels to underground code names. This way we can trick the outside world :slight_smile:

I am using Freepbx - I am astonished to see that the Voice Portal - VoicemailMain is not a listed feature - using *98, *97, 8500 etc does not bring you to the voicemail portal asking you for your password.

Does this always have to be set up as a custom extension - it seems such a common feature…?