Add DECT Snom M700 Base station to PBX

We’re attempting to add a DECT base station to a small hotel with one base station and 2 repeaters.

I’ve added a Snom template in PBX, but when I attempt to add a base station in EPM, the brand is greyed out and only allows Sangoma base station.

How can I change this? And if I can’t, what is my next step?

Thank you.

Which version of FreePBX and EPM?

Can you also post a screenshot of that section in EPM you are having trouble?

PBX version:
System Version: 12.7.6
EPM version:

Posting attachment momentarily

This base station section is for Sangoma phones only.

If the model you want to use us supported you will need to add and configure the snom brand and then map it in extension mapping

I’ve added the Snom brand, but I’m unsure how to add the base station without using the base station section in EPM.

Will I need to use the handset to do the extension mapping? Or is it all going to have to be manually configured via the base station?

What happens when you try to add it in Extension Mapping as a device?

I apologize, I was able to add it in Extension Mapping.

Now I am attempting to configure the base station via web browser. Do you know the best way to begin configuring it?


Sorry. Its a long time since I provisioned these, I don’t remember the exact steps and I also don’t have one of these with me now.

But I do remember it wasn’t easy tho…

It’s ok I appreciate it. I think I’m coming close to figuring it out. Took a lot of entering in things randomly until it started working. Sorry to be a bother, I appreciate the help!

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