Add custom context in freepbx

Hi guys, i have a problem, i’ve installed freepbx, but i wanna add a new custom context, i have done it in extensions_custom.conf, but depite that all the calls fall in from-internal context… What can i do… Please help me :S

custom context module?

Well, i mean, freepbx send all the calls to “from-internal” context… But i have a context that i have added to “extensions_custom.conf”… But freepbx still sending incoming calls to “from-internal”… what can i do to solve this problem?..

Thanks for your help;)

Discovery may only be for prepared minds, but most prepared minds are not going to try and discover what you are trying to do from vague descriptions, so you may want to try spelling it out in a bit more clarity… (Sorry - I had to say that :slight_smile: )

I suposse i have to tell you i’m sorry, maybe i’m not very good writing in English, i’m Mexican,but belive me, i really wanna gain more knowledge about asterisk, that’s the reason why i decided to join me here… Well i’m gonna try to describe you my problem…

I have installed asterisk and freepbx, everithing is fine, but i did an IVR, i did that in the extensions_custom.conf file… that’s 'cause i read this in the same file:

; This file contains example exOCtensions_custom.conf entries.
; extensions_custom.conf should be used to include customizations
; to AMP’s Asterisk dialplan.

; All custom context should contain the string ‘custom’ in it’s name

; Extensions in AMP have access to the ‘from-internal’ context.
; The context ‘from-internal-custom’ is included in ‘from-internal’ by default

then at the end i write my IVR, i understand that it’s enough, that asterisk have to include the context i wrote in estensions_custom.conf. but i think im not right case it still not working

I have a custom context that I can not get to work on the IVR. It works everywhere else. I found it on the trixbox forums. It showed how to do unified voice mail. It worked great for a while until the last freepbx update to custom applications. It still works from an extention but no longer can you call an extention from an IVR on another machine.
I would really like this to work again and have tried moving in verious different locations. I have 4 diget extentions on my other pbx that start with 8.
exten => _8XXX,1,dial(iax2/EX/${EXTEN})

Funny, I just did this today.


exten => _8XXX,1,dial(iax2/EX/${EXTEN})


exten => _8XXX,1,dial(iax2/EX/${EXTEN})

This context belongs in extensions_custom.conf

Hope this fixes it.

YES THAT WORKED! Thanks. Stupid question, I can not find why, what I had set up stopped working. Thanks again, I should have asked
for help earlier, I have been working on this for a few months now.