Add auto-answer header to calls originating and destined to the same EXT

Using FOP2 or some other call manager to figure out where calls are parked and stuff is fantastic, but I’d like to be able to just double click the parked call and have my phone auto-answer. Currently, Asterisk just rings my phone (showing my ext as the callerid) and connects the parked call when I answer.
I believe auto-answer could be setup simply by adding an auto-answer header to calls where the caller and callee are the same ext. Anyone know how to accomplish this?

This feature will be added in the next release of FOP2 I believe. Auto answer headers in FOP2 used to only work with originate actions not redirect actions, such as “call pickup” and “pickup from park”.

If you want auto answer when picking up from queue, you need to add some custom dialplan in extensions_custom.conf. I can show you if you still need it.

I wanted the same thing as you, and the FOP2 developer helped me accomplish it. I believe he will add it in the next release, FOP2 2.30.05.