Add and External (Cell Phone) to a MeetMe Conference

Hello All,

I am Dynamically creating a Dynamic MeeMe Meeting room with the following command:
channel originate iax2/1099 application meetme 891099,dM

It calls 1099 with no issue and it tells me that I am in the room.

I can add additional extensions to the meeting room with no issue with the following command:
channel originate iax2/1003 application meetme 891099

They join and we talk great

Question: How do I add my cell phone (234)656-4444?

I Tried:
channel originate sip/2346564444 application meetme 891099

No results any suggestions

Try originating to:


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That went great. Thank you thank you thank you

My next issue is this.
Is there a way to merge that new origination before they answer. So for example I want the people in the room to hear the ringing or busy tone. And be able to abort it if they get an answer machine.

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