Add a voice recording before connecting call

Hello Everyone.

I have this situation:

A customer calls to my company, the call is taken to an IVR. The customer press a number from 1 to 9 in relation with the kind of problem that he has. From there the call goes to a queue that automaticlay calls 5 mobile phones numbers of my agents. My problem is that I need to tell to my agents the number(problem) that the customer has pressed before conneting the call and let them speak.

I was wondering if there was a possibilty to attach an announcement to the call such us: when the agent hung up he listen the number/problem of the customer before answering the call.

I solved thiws situation before usiong different CALLER ID, but now, in Spain, you cannot use fake caller ID when ussing the normal mobile phone network.

Any idea about solving this?

Thank you very much.

Not sure such a thing is reasonably possible. Someone has to answer their phone to listen to it, and once that’s done, the call is terminated at that phone.

There is an Open Source (Yay) SMS module that you might be able to do something with.

Another option would be to add the option pressed onto the start or end of the CallerName (not the CID, just the name) so that they can get a clue that way.

Thank you very much. I will try that.