Add a second line to Digium D65 from Endpoint manager?

(Sentinel) #1

I have a digium D65. Works great. New endpoint manager is now compatible but only gives you BLF key, XML-API and speeddial. There is no line option. How do you add lines?

(Lorne Gaetz) #2

D phones don’t have the concept of adding additional lines for a single registration. LINE buttons are generated automatically in the phone firmware, one per SIP registration.

(Sentinel) #3

that’s interesting. How do you pick up a second line then for another call?

(Lorne Gaetz) #4

Put the call on hold and then dial the next number.

(Sentinel) #5

Love these phones. A bit pricy but very impressed. Thanks for the tips. Now I still cannot get the dial pattern to work. On yealink we have a dial pattern match if it hits 10 digits, it sends the call. We want to get the sangoma phones to do the same without hitting send. The time out method doesn’t work well due to slow dialers. Any tip on a pattern that can do this?

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