Add a delay in pickup of all lines?

It seems no matter what sip channel or IAX I use to call my system. The system rings, and is a few seconds into the intro message.

Now I suppose I could rerecord all my messages with a slight delay in the intro, but that wouldnt solve the problem really.

What would be causing this dealy and how do i correct it? Plenty of bandwidth and Plenty of CPU available.

Thank you


How to add a playback delay anyone?

the problem is that most places in the dialplan do add a 1 second delay to provide time for the channel to ‘settle’ prior to putting out message. You could have your trunks come into your own contest and delay before sending them to from-pstn but this probably won’t solve your problem. The delay you describe is typically caused after you have executed and answer either directly or indirectly and is usually caused because of a slow startup of the rtp streams flowing.Some providers start flowing the rtp streams before the the call is actually answered which is usually best.

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Who does start the RTP streams before the phone is actually picked up? does it automatically start after a certain period?

What happens to the stream (end user expereince) if the call is not answered?

Sounds like this is beyond my control then

Thank you