Ad-hoc phones

What would be the solution to run ad-hoc phones (multiple users for each phone) with PJSIP and extensions mode ?

Gonna need more information on that. There’s really no such thing as an ‘ad hoc’ phone in FreePBX, so an example might go a long way.

Device And User Mode - What I am working on right now strangely…

Device & User Mode - PBX GUI - Documentation (

We are running the latest SNG-7 distro. We are looking in to switching from users and devices mode and chan sip to extensions mode and pjsip. We have a few phones that are using ad-hoc with U&D, where we have different users log in to the phone (*11 /*12 ) (hot desking) and would like to know if there is a solution for that using extensions mode. I would like to test first then plan a procedure to change those phones if the ad-hoc phones can be made into something with similar functionality.

PJSIP will allow you to register/use multiple phones to a single extension, but not float around and re-designate on the fly - for that, you need D&U.

A phone that supports the Login Phone App like the Sangoma S/D series supports hotdesking without using device and user.

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Cool - I didn’t know that.

Note: there are more brands that the hotdesking works with. However, it works very smooth and fast with the Sangoma S models (never tried with the D models) compared to the Yealink phones.

Thank you for the info. I appreciate the advice. Have a great day.

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