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Active Directory User as PBX Administrator - Password not required

(Josh) #1

We have enabled active directory integration with Freepbx 13 and found that AD users that are enabled with rights to PBX Administration do not require a password to authenticate, just username. This has been confirmed on 4 other implementations. Is this a bug in Freepbx or am I missing something?
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(Dave Burgess) #2

That would be my expectation, actually. Since the users “should be” authenticated on their workstation through their LDAP connections, I’d expect the authentication to carry forward.

(Andrew Nagy) #3

No. It wouldn’t carry that forward through the browser.

(Josh) #4

I can log in on another desktop with an account domain\user1 not associated to the Administration side of PBX and then use my domain\user2 account with Admin access without a password.This behavior is within Chrome - IE and Firefox.
I also logged into a linux box - Not domained and was able to authenticate with my domain user without using a password.

(Josh) #5

Nothing new as of yet. Still have this issue.