Active Directory User as PBX Administrator - Password not required

We have enabled active directory integration with Freepbx 13 and found that AD users that are enabled with rights to PBX Administration do not require a password to authenticate, just username. This has been confirmed on 4 other implementations. Is this a bug in Freepbx or am I missing something?
FreePBX ‘VoIP Server’

That would be my expectation, actually. Since the users “should be” authenticated on their workstation through their LDAP connections, I’d expect the authentication to carry forward.

No. It wouldn’t carry that forward through the browser.

I can log in on another desktop with an account domain\user1 not associated to the Administration side of PBX and then use my domain\user2 account with Admin access without a password.This behavior is within Chrome - IE and Firefox.
I also logged into a linux box - Not domained and was able to authenticate with my domain user without using a password.

Nothing new as of yet. Still have this issue.

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