Active Directory sync secondary group

I am looking for some guidance here. Our district recently purchased a softphone from ClearlyIP but we didn’t get a 1 to 1 license. We are using Active Directory sync to create extension and User Manager accounts. If the user is part of “Freepbx Users” Groups and ipphone is filled out, freepbx will create the extension and user manager. Which has been working fine.

My thinking here, I will create a 2nd group called “ucp enabled” in AD. Which will create a 2nd Group in Freepbx so I can enable softphones for those users in that group. This does create the 2nd group in FreePBX for me but it also creates a 2nd user in User manager for each user in “ucp enabled” group. What am I doing wrong here? Below are the setting from my enable UCP Setting, (I am doing this on a test server so I picked UCP as a setting test). Thanks in advance

Disregard I figured it out, I was created a 2nd sync. Just need to modify the first one instead.

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