Active Directory not syncing on FreePBX 14

(Windward) #21

Apparently it was just a filepath issue. After some experimenting with various path permutations it is once again backing up over FTP

(Windward) #22

Hi All. I have just added a new user to AD. After forcing a sync (fwconsole userman --syncall --force) I show no errors syncing , however this user is not showing up in my directory on FreePBX.
Any ideas?

(Windward) #23

“It wasn’t working so I upgraded to Usermanager, and it still isn’t working”

I have now managed to add my user that I just created. I deleted the directory that I had created( on FreePBX ) , and created a new one. I set this one up nearly identical to my old one, where I made the change this time is under “User Configuration” I deleted what I had on the “User DN” line. After a submit/sync my new user shows up.

(Harry Portman) #24

Thanks for the useful info, Andrew! We appreciate it.

(Andrew Nagy) #25

Running with --verbose will give you a ton of useful debug. Most likely your user dn was wrong.