Active Directory Integration


I am running FreePBX Distro with FreePBX 14, I have a active directory server which I would like to connect to the FreePBX but I am not sure how to get it to connect. I have managed to setup moodle using active directory login.

Under Admin -> User Management -> Directories
I added a directory for Microsoft Active Directory and have the following settings:

Secure Connection Type: TLS
Port: 389
Username: DOMAIN\administrator
Password: xxxxxxxxx
Domain: DOMAIN. com
Base DN: CN=Users,DC=DOMAIN,DC=com

Message I get after saving these settings: Can’t contact LDAP server

Does anyone know how this could be resolved?

I can’t comment on the issue with connectivity, but I can say that you should never, ever use a domain admin account for LDAP/AD lookups like this. Any account in the domain users group will work; setup one without any other perms and use it.

I believe if you are trying to use port 389 that is a no security port, set TLS to none and see if you can connect. You have to change the port to use TLS and would have to enable that on the Domain Controller.

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