Active Directory Groups Not Working

Hi All,

I am having an issue with integrating UCM with active directory.

My user “test.user” cannot login to UCP. “test.user” is a member of the group “pbxsv01-glb_user” which has a rule in UCM to allow access to UCM and voice mail on primary extension. “pbxsv01-glb_user” is set to priority 0 and has “test.user” as a direct member.

My environment:
BASE DN: OU=CORP,DC=corp,DC=ads,DC=scencdn,DC=com
Test User: [email protected]
User Group: pbxsv01-glb_user

If I change “test.user”'s profile to manually allow UCP and not inherit privileges it works fine. Am I missing something?

Asterisk Version: 13.10.0
User Management 14.0.1alpha4
FreePBX 14.0.1alpha19