Active Directory Group Permissions


I’ve run into a bit of snag while configuring FreePBX permissions with groups synced from Active Directory. For context, my setup consists of:

  • 14 Sangoma phones
  • 3 users are mapped to Active Directory
  • The users in Active Directory are all in a “PBX Users” group
  • The other 11 users are in a local directory, in a “Local Users” group

Each phone uses the Voicemail Phone App to get access to their own voicemail as well as a shared, company-wide voicemail.

For the users in the local directory, I’m able to grant access to the shared mailbox through the Local Users group. This works perfectly. However, all fields on the synced PBX Users Active Directory group are readonly, so I am unable to edit any permissions on this group (which is required to give these users access to the shared mailbox). See photo.

My current solution is to tweak the permissions for each Active Directory user, which is a workaround at best. I’ve read through the documentation and forum posts, but I can’t seem to find anything that talks about this. Am I missing a step somewhere in order to change permissions on an external group, or did I run across a bug?

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