Active Directory Group Filter

I have Active Directory successfully connected. We have over 35 groups. How do I set it so just 2 groups show in user manager? These two groups have the phone users in two divisions of the company.
I have tried filters but do not see any examples.

I have figured out how to filter to just show the two groups I wanted by searching online for LDAP queries, however FreePBX does not do anything with them. In the Group Object Filter I put in this line (&(objectCategory=group)(cn=MCS-PBX)(cn=Bayside-PBX)) All the users still show if I leave CN=Users in the base DN. I removed users from the base DN and filtered users by using the OU=Company-Division1 and a second Directory with Company-Division2 which I put all the users who will get a FreePBX extension
I was unable to query both OUs in the same directory. Groups are useless as currently implemented. Not sure if it is the lack of documentation/my inexperience or if this is just not complete yet.

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