Active Calls Spike - No phone calls possible


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We have a FreePBX system that is experiencing the following problem.
Sometimes, quite randomly, the Active Calls “spike” to over 100 calls and the Phone System becomes unusable. No incoming calls are received and no outgoing calls can be made.

The only solution we’ve found is to Reset/Reboot the PBX.
So the “spike” above 100, sometimes 200 is not logical for our environment.
I attempted to add a screenshot, but new members can’t add links.

Our PBX is maintained by another party, but they have not solved the issue as of yet.
Your input and assistance will be appreciated.

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Could be incorrectly configured firewall allowing all traffic to the default SIP port of 5060. It’ll be hard to tell without further logs but I would start at limiting inbound SIP connections to your system from only your upstream SIP trunk provider.

In Asterisk SIP Settings, if you have allow guests or allow anonymous, it can result in active calls. Generally you want these disabled.

lol if it’s that simple a fix I suggest he find a different party to “maintain” his system…

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