New install of freePBX 15, and impossible to activate.
After filling out all required info, I click on “create” and nothing happens.
Tried this in 2 diff browsers. Chrome and Edge.

How exactly did you install it?

I created a virtual box VM on a WinPro host, and installed it by using the FreePBX iso. Version 15.
The only other thing … probably not of influence … is that I did a restore from a legacy, version 12, server which is still in use for my home-office.
The reason wanting to upgrade is that the v12 runs on hardware that is getting flakey. SO I want to move to newer hardware. The WinPro box si newer, 16 GB of RAM and 120GB SSD plus 2 TB hDD. No prob creating a vbox guest on it. And yes, freePBX installed just fine, an dI can access the GUI.

Why not install FreePBX 16 since that’s the latest version?

I am having the same issue with V16
(first time installing Freepbx!)

Just got mine sorted.
as per another post on here i went to
portal . sangoma . com (sorry i cant post links as im a newbie!)
Registered then it signed in using that through the activation wizard.
This is clearly some sort of big that has not been resolved