Activation Issues

I have switched from PIAF to FREE PBX.

I am trying to activate again. It’s the same server as before, just different install.

I have gone into the SYSADMIN module and deactivated. I have looked for the activation files as pointed out here:

None of the files that are listed exist so I can’t delete them.

I have paid commercial modules that I have even paid the maint/support fees on.

I have even done a ZEND reset (which I shouldn’t have to do since it’s the same server)

I contacted Schmoozecom and they want me to buy support hours to look into this. Can anyone help? I don’t think I should be forced to purchase support hours to reactivate my server after re-install.

you can open a commerical module support ticket on the issue - no charge; i also sent you a pm as well


Thanks Chris. I appreciate it. I also left a message for you on your VM about support concerns.