Activation / existing Deployment Number won't activate


Dear all.

In 2018 this problem is very much still present. I’ve been trying to install a fresh copy into VM via freepbx install ISO. Everything install ok. The problem starts with activation… The system cannot be activated no matter which asterisk distro i choose to install at start. It gets deployment ID and when I try to activate it, it only loads about:blank. System is not activated. Trying to activate it via console using fwconsole fails as it cannot find any existing deployment. Manually activating machine with given ID goes through, but the webpage still wants to activate the machine. The DNS is resolving everything, the machine is connected to internet (I can upade it without a problem). I’ve pretty much given up on this as it seems that the problem is known but not solved for some reason. I’d say out of the box installation and activation on a WORKING fresh machine should be almost seamless. I cannot pass activation…wow.