Activating deployment ID kills asteriskcdrdb.cel and asteriskcdrdb.cdr

Ran out of hardware locks, so called Sangoma to get that released. Was successful. But activating the server somehow did something to the SQL tables.

asteriskcdrdb.cel and .cdr are gone, replaced by a long list of tables in that database that shouldn’t exist.

Anyone else experience this?

I’m probably going to have to delete that database, download a backup, extract the asteriskcdrdb and cobble that back together… never had that happen before on something as simple as an activation of a deployment ID

Activating your system doesn’t involve any database interaction so pure coincidence.

The mentioned database tables are purely for call logging so the only thing that touches them are call records.

I would look at drive space etc. What was the reason you needed to release the hardware lock so many times? I am guessing there are some bigger issues.

Between initial installation almost two years ago and a couple migrations, yeah. We had to release. Moved this VM to another node - was working just fine until I activated. Actually had to borrow CDR and CEL table structure from another VM because it bombed out. The asterisk tables loaded into asteriskcdrdb for some reason (in addition to asterisk). So, had to kill that DB. Took a copy from another server, loaded it in, emptied the contents out. This was my solution (of course, had to update permissions for the freepbxuser too).

Running into a constraint error that I’m hunting down with - integrity constraint violation: 1062 duplicate entry ‘32’ for key ‘primary’

Whats the output of:

use asteriskcdrdb;
show triggers;

Empty Set
I should have mentioned that I only get that error in regards to paging pro. I was able to successfully update all other modules. So, no paging pro now.

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